Rio Tinto '03

Rio Tinto topographic
and geologic map

2674.6 KB

Rio Tinto field area map
w/drill sites and '03 survey lines

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Stream adjacent to main
source area (L11S02)

75.5 KB

Mine tailings
bench #3 (L04S08)

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Gray shale below
Drill Site 3 (L05S04)

68.5 KB

House and road by
Drill Site 1 (L14S02)

54.8 KB

On the red shale East
of the pit lake (L04S04)

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Pea de Hierro
field area

32.6 KB

Report & Summary
Figure 2

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Report & Summary
Figure 3

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Main Source Area
image a

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Main Source Area
image b

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