Some things that interest me...

Four BASE jumps, 7 May1994, 1 July 1995 [two], & 23 November 1995;
all at the Bixby Creek Bridge, Big Sur, California
[260' / 79 m vertical from the hand railing to the creek bed...


Feel free to read my Curriculum Vitae - again...

Om Luftfartsskolen [på Norsk]

Om Luftfartsskolen [på Norsk]

Luftfartsskolen's Airline Career Pilot Program [på Engelsk]

Luftfartsskolen's Airline Career Pilot Program [på Engelsk]

August 1, 2012, NASA Astronaut Selection Pre-Screening Medical History and Examination

        Research interests:

         =   Electromagnetic geophysical methods for groundwater studies
         =   Groundwater resources in the dry regions of Earth
         =   Electromagnetic geophysical methods for sounding of mineralized and
            deep subsurface water in Mars analog environments
         =   Comparing transient electromagnetics and low frequency ground penetrating
            radar for sounding of subsurface water in Mars analog environments
         =   Transient (time domain) electromagnetic field methods
         =   Magnetotelluric and audio-frequency magnetotelluric field methods
         =   Resistivity and induced polarization (chargeability) field methods
         =   Ground penetrating radar field methods
         =   Shallow seismic field methods
         =   The geophysical search for deep subsurface water on Mars
         =   Water and ground ice on Mars
         =   Martian topography / remote sensing
         =   Planetary remote sensing
         =   Geographic information systems (GIS)

        Educational background:

         =   On June 15, 2004, I received a Dr.Philos. (Doctor Philosophiae) degree in Geophysics and Planetary Science
            - see my Dr.Philos. diploma, announcement, and committee evaluation from the University of Bergen, Norway
         =   The transcripts and classes from my graduate student days at William Marsh Rice University in Houston, Texas
         =   My diploma, transcripts, and classes from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida
         =   Master of Aeronautical Science degree, with a Space Studies specialization
         =   My diploma, transcripts, and classes from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in Durant, Oklahoma
         =   Bachelor of Science degree, with a Computer Science major

Shut up and JUMP!


The Sorcerer

        BASE jumping is my thing, but I do also have other interests (like space... - Mars or bust!). Chief among these are Michelle (she's WAY more than a hobby!), family, friends, and fun!

        Here are some things I like to do:

         =   Flying - The reason for living?
         =   Sport fishing - a good way to be outdoors, & get on or by the water
         =   Hiking - get some fresh air!
         =   Skiing - Snow's white, and that's cool
         =   Surf's Up!
         =   Working out - swimming, etc.
         =   SCUBA diving - the closest thing to weightlessness short of going to SPACE
         =   Skydiving - next to BASE, the most fun you can have!
         =   SPEEEED! (Falling or otherwise)
         =   Windsurfing - Hey, how'd I get back?!

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