Southeastern Oklahoma State University

These are the classes I took at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, where I received a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Computer Science, graduating Magna Cum Laude with a 3.89 GPA (4.00 scale)

SOSU B.S. Diploma SOSU Transcript
SOSU B.S. Diploma SOSU Transcript

Credit Granted for Military Service:

Health and Physical Education

Credit Granted for Advanced Standing:

AVIA   1004 Primary Ground Instruction
AVIA   2083 Advanced Ground Instruction I
AVIA   3123 Advanced Ground Instruction II
AVIA   3202 Flight Instructor Ground Instruction
AVIA   3284 Instrument Ground Instruction

Fall 1991:

ACCT   2114 Principles of Accounting I
ENG     1113 Grammar and Composition I
GERM 1113 Elementary German I
BA        1133 Introduction to Business
POSC   1113 American Federal Government
PSCI     1113 General Physical Science

Spring 1992:

AVIA   3241 Flight Instructor Flying
AVIA   3362 Instrument Flight Instructor Ground Instruction
AVIA   3401 Instrument Flight Instructor Flying
CS        1213 Basic Computer Programming
CS        1513 Introduction to Computer Science I
ENG     1213 Grammar and Composition II
GERM 1223 Elementary German II
MATH 1513 College Algebra
PSY      1113 Introduction to Psychology

Summer 1992:

AVIA   3143 Aviation History
AVIA   4643 Physiology
CS        2733 Assembly Language Programming
CS        4213 Introduction to Data Bases

Fall 1992:

AVIA   3133 Aviation Administration
CS        1523 Introduction to Computer Science II
CS        2333 Introduction to Business Programming
CS        3143 Computer Organization
CS        4123 Software Engineering
EET     1053 Survey of Electronics
MATH 1523 Trigonometry

Spring 1993:

CIS      4223 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
CS        3223 Data Structures
CS        4513 Systems Simulation
CS        4523 Discrete Structures
CS        4982 Generic Skills Seminar
EET     2114 Digital Logic
GEOG 2243 Physical-Human Geography

Summer 1993:

CS        3133 Computer Graphics
HIST    1113 American History to 1876
MATH 2113 Analytic Geometry
MUS    1213 Fundamentals of Music

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